Special Blend Koroneiki and Olympia variety              



The river-god Enipeas traverses the olive fields and provides us a special gift from the lands of ancient Olympia. Looking at the craftsmanship of the enipeas evoo bottle, you discover the green colour of our olive oil’s fresh, natural juice, rich in benefits provided by the polyphenols. The artistic design and the graphistic thoroughness, attributes the due tribute to the “liquid gold”. The sequences of the elegant lines surrounding the bottle depict the sierras and the perpetual flow of the river. The aesthetics and the organoleptic characteristics of the quality of our product both attest to the showcase of a luxury product. The idea for the architecture of the cork derives straight from the Doric-style chapiter and it is made out of the olive tree wood. We have to mention that this kind of wood despite its uniqueness and beauty it takes special skill for its process. It is being painted by hand using a mixture of olive oil and natural bee wax with the intent to bring out the grains of the wood resulting in the uniqueness of each piece. For the detailed process of the cork pieces production we use a regular wood lathe. After we perforate the cork, we insert the pourer cap which enables us to regulate the effusion. The moment we open the bottle we can smell its special aroma overwhelming our senses with its fruity flavor and the selective balance between bitter and spicy.

The ultra premium consists of a special blend of local varieties. We paired the “queen” Koroneiki with the “ancient wisdom” of the Olympia variety. The higher percentage is that of the Koroneiki variety in order to preserve mainly the fruity flavor of the olive oil. It is being chosen not only for “pharmaceutical” uses, but also for gastronomy purposes by buyers with selective taste. It is a jewel to restaurants and deli stores. It is a creative contribution to the culinary alchemies by chefs and for every one of us that chooses quality in our every day nutrition.